The Pakiatan & 76 Languages

According to a comprehensive study, 7457 languages are spoken worldwide, out of which 360 are dead or abandoned, while about 76 languages are spoken in Pakistan. Only 30 languages are spoken in the northern areas of Pakistan.
According to Dr. Tariq abdul rahman, 74 languages are spoken in Pakistan, while Dr. Atish durrani believes that the number is 76, however, a website researching languages around the world, “ethnolog” said in his report that a total of 73 languages are spoken in Pakistan. German and Norwegian linguists worked to rate Pakistan’s languages on this website.
According to “Athena people”, Pakistan’s linguistic diversity is very amazing and only 30 languages are spoken in the northern areas. One of these languages did not give linguistics a regular language. This is because unlike other languages, the words of this language are not found in any other language. Fortunately some time ago, in collaboration with the university of Karachi, a “brushsky. Urdu dictionary “is compiled by nasiruddin hunzai.
An ngo from Islamabad is also conducting research on languages spoken in northern areas for the last 10 years with the help of usaid. Forum for language initiative, this organization has set up books on the basic grammar and words of 5 languages Dali, gorabati, palola, yoshjo and yadgha. Professor henrik lajgaran, professor of Stockholm university, who gave his opinion on these books, has also been researching the languages spoken in the Hindu kush, karakoram region for the past several years. They have all the languages mentioned above in the north.

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