Shohaib Tughlaq again posted without permission of minister LG/Chairman KW&S.B.

Karachi : Shuaib Tughlaq again posted by md Asadullah without permission of minister LG/Chairman KW&SB. He was removed from DMD-HRDA by minister last weekend.

Shoaib Tughlaq was a lower grade employee n president of MQM CBA union in 1990 who ran from country after 92 army operation.

He was taken back on service by MQM in KW&SB with all benefits n higher grade illegally when his party regained power.

He got out of turn promotion n was not demoted despite supreme court order by fraud. He messed up KW&SB by illegal n blunt actions but MD Asadullah given him cover as he supported him in promotion case in the court against his senior chief engineer Zaheer Abbas zaidi.

Despite minister’s orders to remove Shoaib Tughlaq md has posted him as secretary KW&SB (bs 20) n Shoaib has not left HRDA n still sitting there & interfering in its affairs to ensure that his crimes may not open.

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