Shehbaz Visits Political Leaders In Karachi, Extends Condolences Over Loss Of Family Members

KARACHI: PMLN President and National Assembly Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif on his visit to Karachi visited the homes of multiple political leaders to extend his condolences over deaths in their families.

Shehbaz met the sons of the former President late Mamnoon Hussain at their home. He prayed for the deceased and said that Mamnoon Hussain was a valuable asset of the party. His services for the party and democracy world be remembered for centuries to come. Hussain was a straightforward, ideological and knowledgeable personality, he said.

The PMLN President also visited the residence of former Governor Sindh, the late Mumtaz Bhutto and extended his condolences to his son Amir Bakhsh Bhutto and other members of their family. He offered prayers for the late Governor and said he played a key role in the Sindh’s politics and was part of many important events of history.

The National Assembly Opposition Leader also went to the residence of Jalal Mahmood Shah, son of G.M. Syed to express his grief over the demise of his brother Amir Haider Shah. He prayed for the late Mr Shah and strength for his family to brave the loss. He said G.M. Syed played a crucial role in the Creaton of Pakistan.

Shehbaz said Amir Haider Shah was the descendant of an important and active political family of Sindh who worked for the rights of the people and that of the province of Sindh.

The PMLN President went to Kingri House and met with the Head of Muslim League Functional and Spirtual Leader of the Hurs Pir Syed Sibghatullah Shah Pir Pagara.

He extended his condolences to him and his brother Syed Sadruddin Shah over the sad demise of their mother, and prayed for her afterlife. He also expressed his grief to Pir Pagara over over his wife’s death. Pir Pagara’s son Syed Rashid Shah and other leaders of the PMLN were also present.

Shehbaz said he had lost his mother too and could relate to tge pain and grief of the family. He said the Pagara family, their ancestors and their hurs played an unforgettable role against the autocracy. He paid tribute to them for their services and sacrifices for Pakistan.

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