Salute To Those Who Gave Their Today For Our Tommorow

6 September, Defence Day

6 September (Defence Day) is one of the most significant events in the history of Pakistan. We celebrate this day in the memory of our those beloved and brave soldiers who fought bravely and died in the Indo-Pak war of 1965 but made successfull defence of Lahore and other important cities of Pakistan.

In that testing time, not only the Armed Forces fought fearlessly, but every citizen and segment of society became a defender of the country.

Defence Day is also a day to renew our pledge that we are a powerful, proud country, and that no foreign power, no matter how strong it is, can bully us. Our troops are a sign of all that and much more. It represents the Pakistani great nation’s fighting spirit, courage, and tactical acumen. And Defence Day is the day for celebrating and remembering all that so we can be strong and send the right message to the country’s youth and children.

Every year on 6 september Pakistan Millitary forces hold programmes to celebrate Defence day. National songs and documentaries about 6 september history and martyred soldiers are displayed on Tv chanels and social media platforms.The obvious purpose of these activities is to celebrate our veterans and to highlight our military strength

We should all be proud of our powerful armed forces and their constitutional role in protecting our country’s physical frontiers and defence. We may face economic challenges but we are secured from external threats by what many around the world consider to be one of Asia’s strongest military powers. We pay homage to their sacrifices, as we honor our former war heroes.

The Spirit of september,1965 still lives in our hearts and we can proudly that because of this we come up successfully in many testing times. Our Armed forces, combat rediness, Professional excellence and above all their unwavering faith in Allah has made Pakistan invincible.

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