Resources will be provided to Kemari district on a fair basis, Nasir Hussain Shah

The party leadership has issued special instructions regarding Kemari district, Sindh Local Government Minister said

Karachi : An important meeting was held under the chairmanship of Sindh Minister for Information and Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah regarding Kemari district of Karachi in which Secretary Local Government Syed Najam Ahmad Shah, Qadir Patel, MD Water Board, DG KDA and Deputy Commissioner West and Municipal Commissioner Kemari participated.

Briefing the Sindh Local Government Minister on the occasion, Secretary Local Government Syed Najam Ahmad Shah said that since the establishment of Kemari District, steps are being taken to provide resources for the new district on priority basis, and the establishment of basic infrastructure and manpower is being ensured on an emergency basis.

Addressing the participants of the meeting, Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that the formation of Kemari District was a reflection of the bright and progressive vision of the party leadership to ensure provision of facilities and resources to the people and resolve their municipal issues. He said that It is the mission of the Pakistan People’s Party to carry out development works equally in all the districts of the province.

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Nasir Hussain Shah said that District Kemari is not only close to our hearts but its development and stability has become the top priority of the Sindh government. He directed that complete support should be provided to the new district in terms of finance, supply of resources and manpower and all important issues including octroi district tax should be resolved through mutual consultation and planning.

In the second phase of the meeting, Sindh Local Government Secretary Syed Najam Ahmad Shah told the Minister LG that the Lyari Development Authority has been tasked with providing basic necessities including water, gas and electricity for making LDA a truly profitable and successful housing project. Special Initiatives have being taken recently and work is underway on a number of projects under public-private partnership.

Appreciating the development initiatives, Nasir Hussain Shah said that affordable and luxurious housing for the people of the province is the topmost priority of the Sindh government for which a comprehensive and integrated policy is being formulated. The Sindh Local Government Minister directed that no leniency should be shown to encroachers and all the decisions shall be made purely for the betterment of people.

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