Research and Development

by : Tufail Dawar
North Waziristan

The world each year invests billion of dollars in Research and Development (R & D) sector. Developed countries linked their research work with concerned industries, where verbal ideas shaped into tangible assets for the nation prosperity and growth.

In a broad spectrum an authentic research needs plenty of time and funded projects. In addition, in 2018 the U.S spent 1.7 trillion dollars on R & D sectors. Meanwhile, he newly elected President Joe Biden had announced 2.7 trillion dollars for research and development. Furthermore, funded projects shields the research scholars from financial crisis. Because innovative ideas and financial burden at home are not going parallel to each other in the same direction. No doubt, Pakistan is full of young researchers. But unfortunately, the investment on R & D sectors falls every year with different trajectories. They have multiple reasons. One of them is that research work is not directly linked the concerned industries. Secondly, the poor governance and administration over the research grants creates problem for R & D. The corrupt mafia behind the R & D sector, where researcher funds are not properly utilize.

In a nutshell, with corporation of research scholars and industries will give the bright future to the R & D sector. Scholars have multiple ideas and industries have funded projects, where they can collaborate with each other for the prosperity and growth of nation.

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