Regional Board Meeting approved Cases worth Rs. 2.486 Billion

Karachi : In pursuance of the efforts for implementation of vision of Worthy Chairman NAB for corruption free Pakistan.

NAB Karachi held Regional Board Meeting on 27th May, 2021, wherein various complaints, inquires and investigations were discussed. The Regional Board approved / recommended following 2x cases for filing of References and conversion of 3x Inquires into Investigations. The total worth of cases approved / recommended comes to the tune of Rs. 2.486 Billion.

A. Reference approved against Muhammad Ali Wassan, the then SSP Thatta and others. The case pertains to the allegations of misuse of authority by making illegal recruitment / appointments in the Police Department during the period from 2011 to 2012 in District Thatta.

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B. Recommended approval of Reference against Officers / Officials of Health Department, Government of Sindh, Members of Procurement Committee, Program Managers Hepatitis Prevention & Control Program Sindh and Others. Allegation in the case pertains to misuse of authority and embezzlement of funds allocated for Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program (Chief Minister’s Initiative) Sindh. The accused persons made payments on account of fake supplies of medicines, procurement of medicines on exorbitant rates, procurement of medicines having less shelf life than required and non-deduction of income tax from payments made to the distributors.

C. Recommended conversion of Inquiry into Investigation by Chairman NAB against Ali Hassan Zardari & Others on allegation of assets beyond known sources of income.

D. Inquiry converted into investigation against Officers / Officials of District Accounts Office, Hyderabad & Others on allegation of embezzlement of Govt. funds through fake pension (commutation) bills under manual processing system causing loss to the National Exchequer to the tune of Rs. 2 Billion approximately.

C. Inquiry converted into investigation against Khalid Hussain Solangi and others regarding cheating public at large through Impersonation as Chairman NAB. DG NAB Karachi & Sukkur.

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