No action taken against controller nursing for misusing powers of health secretary

By Akhtar Shaikh

Karachi : Despite the passage of ten days, the Sindh health department has not yet taken any disciplinary action against the controller of nursing who had used the powers of the health secretary.

On Feb 12, Khairul Nisa, the Controller Nursing Sindh, had issued transfer orders for 71 staff nurses, 8 nursing instructors, and 5 clinical instructors across the province on which the Sindh Health Secretary had sought clarification from her.

In response to clarification, she issued another notification ordering a temporary halt to all transfers.

Riaz Jhakrani, Deputy Secretary Health Sindh, termed it “a serious case of abuse of power” on which another notification was issued instead of tendering apology and cancellation of transfers. “The notification used the words abeyance instead of withdrawal, which is a double violation,” he said.

He said that the next line states that it was a draft for the approval of the Secretary of Health. “However, the draft does not have an outward number or the signatures of the officers.”

“The controller nursing seems ignorant of official matters and language,” Jhakrani said. He said that the health secretary would take action against him soon.

But despite the passage of ten days, no action has been taken against the controller nursing, mainly because of the backing of an influential personality

Nurses’ bodies have shown their concerns over the Sindh health secretary’s inability to take any action against her and demanded the authorities to remove her from the post and instead appoint an honest officer immediately.

It is also pertinent to mention that Khairul Nisa, a grade 18 Clinical Instructor, was recruited for the College of Nursing, Jamshoro, under the Sindh Public Service Commission and her responsibility was to teach nurses in the college.

But contrary to the orders of the Supreme Court, she has been transferred to an administrative post the Controller of Nursing.

She has also been made the look after in charge of a 19-grade and focal person of nurses.

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