Modi Government in India and its Propaganda against Pakistan

The Indian global disinformation campaign against Pakistan sponsorship of terrorism and its abuses in illegal Occupied Jammu Kashmir have all stand exposed infront of all the world. Now India’s own media have revealed the dishonest nexus that is pushing Pakistan nuclearised region to the brink of a conflict it cannot afford. In a response tha PM Imran Khan urged the international community to stop India from its reckless, militants agenda before the Modi government’s brinkmanship pushes the region into a conflict between the two nuclear states.
History attested that, India has been spreading disinformation against Pakistan since partition. In the latest episode, a non-government organisation (NGO) based in the capital of Belgium (Brussels) exposed 15 year long Indian attempt to target Pakistan through the proliferation of the fake news and disinformation.
Furthermore, there are many reports that Indian supported websites scattered fake news in European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN) for past 15 years to destabilise Pakistan. For example, the recent cricket tour of New Zealand team to Pakistan was cancelled due to security reasons, after a detailed investigation that there are some fake emails sent by the Indians to the New Zealand cricket board that Pakistan is not a safe and secure place for the cricket.
Adding to this, the cyberspace had germinated a new type of Warfare that is generally organised as fifth generation battlefield, transforming the traditional warfare techniques and responses. The fifth generation of war is responsible for the destruction of the Ideology of those who connect to the digital world.
Moreover, the Indian infiltration especially, in Balochistan Province which have economic importance in the mega project with our neighbour China. The social media trends against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and linked this economic project with the “East Indian Company” during the British colonialism.
In contrast, the Modi election campaign is based upon the ” Populist agenda” not a historical reflection of democratic structure of India during Jawaharal Nehru era. He use the soft power promoting Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sang (RSS) Ideology to crack the Indian diversity, political turmoil and turbulence. While RSS declared a systematic genocide on the muslims living in India and Occupied Jammu Kashmir because of promoting political Hinduism and gaining the vote bank. Such kind violent behaviour of RSS pushing back Indian democracy to the stone age, because Modi government suppressed the divide the Indian diversity on the stake of political interests.
In a nutshell, as the world knows that India is facing the extreme poverty, hyperinflation, unemployment and week infrastructure the poverty level reached to 40% and the second largest country fighting HIV positive virus. To fight against poverty, inflation, inequality, bad governance, and climate catastrophe the India should focus on their problems instead of interfering in Pakistan. Both the nation’s have a same language, culture, caste intermingling and ethnic composition, while 21st century global dynamics the countries need a diplomatic and political solution instead of spreading disinformation and propaganda. Inside the irrelevant, fake and disinformation digital space Pakistan need to address the technology related problems otherwise it has a lethal consequences on our youth.

Tufail Dawar
North Waziristan

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