Lung Cancer Awareness

The lungs are paired-cone shape organs. They are the primary organ of respiratory system. Their function is to release carbon dioxide during exhalation and take in oxygen during inhalation. Cancer is defined as the abnormal growth of cells. Cancer that forms in the lungs is known as lung cancer. Due to rapid abnormal growth of cancer cells in the lungs the healthy tissues of the lungs can be damaged. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells grow without any control. Therefore, lung cancer can be very difficult to treat as it spread quickly. Lung cancer spread through bloodstream to the brain, liver, adrenal glands, bones and other organs.

According to WHO in 2020, lung cancer was the second most common cancer statistically 2.26 million cases worldwide with 1.80 million deaths. Studies indicate that the mortality rate of lung cancer is very high and the survival rate is 10-15%
In United States, people die from lung cancer more than any other cancer.
The most common cause that leads to lung cancer is smoking. Cigarettes contains harmful chemicals which increase the risk and damage of having lung cancer. Other causes are genetic such as family history of lung

cancer or radiation therapy.
The symptoms of lung cancer are as follow:

• A long-standing Cough
• Coughing up blood
• Shortness of breath
• Chest pain
• Weakness and weight lost.

• Precautions that should be taken:
Avoid smoking, avoid the place where people are smoking and if there is any family history of cancer then it is advised to go for a routinely medical check-up every month.

• Article by Syeda Yumna Ehsaan

• Student of Karachi University.

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