K-E will never allow to flee from country, warns Hafiz Naeem

Karachi: Government intent supporting Karachi Electric (K-E) by overlooking its legacy of misdemeanor cannot be overlooked by any mean and Jamaat-e-Islami stance in this connection is unwavering not to allow any of the higher echelon of power entity to flee from the country, JI Karachi ameer, Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman said in a statement.

“Till to-date, there is not a single sign that government is serious on K-E matters and wants to tie up the knots around wrongdoings to punish power entity”, this raise a big question whether rulers are with ‘power mafia’ or standing with consumers agony”, he asked.

He further said that K-E is indebted with billions of rupees of power consumers, National Transmission and Despatch Company and Sui Southern Gas Company which it has to be repaid to them.

Referring judgment given at UK Westminster Magistrates Court rejecting Arif Naqvi’s counsel appeal of his extradition and ordering case to Secretary of States for decision, Hafiz Naeem said that Naqvi is the chief of Abraaj Group running affairs of K-E in Karachi and the man is charged by US prosecutors he was a part of an international scheme to swindle investors including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“How one can trust on confidants of such a person but on the contrary, Prime Minister, Imran Khan appointed K-E former Chief Executive Officer, Tabish Gohar as Special Assistant to PM on energy affairs”, he maintained.

In recent past, Hafiz Naeem said and adding that federal ministers, Asad Umer, Umer Ayub and SAPM, Nadeem Baber along with Gohar met with Chief Justice of Pakistan and prayed him to resolve issues pertaining to repayment of outstanding dues on K-E to several government entities, on which Chief Justice declared this matter of administrative nature and directed them to resolve these issues on federal government level.

Hafiz Naeem said this shows intentions government is copious to support K-E and in addition, he added allowing K-E to escape from country.

This propensity of government cannot be ruled out and Karachi citizens and institutions will never allow K-E to run away with their billions of rupees, he added.

He further added that serving natural gas supply disconnection notices by government on captive power plants industrial units and asking them to buy electricity from K-E for running their industries is an another instance favouring K-E.

He regretted stand of government for not taking control of power entity and neither to initiate 15 years forensic audit of the power company.

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