Imran Khans government gave courage to India Saeed Ghani.

KARACHI : Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Karachi Division President and Minister for Education and Labor Sindh Saeed Ghani has said that all parties except the present Prime Minister and PTI are on the same platform on Kashmir issue.

Imran Khan’s government gave courage to India. Due to the worst dictatorship in the country, India dared to end the status of Kashmir and laid siege to occupied Kashmir. He expressed these views to the oppressed Kashmiri people at Karachi Press Club under PPP Azad Kashmir Karachi Division.

He expressed solidarity and addressed a demonstration against Indian atrocities. On the occasion, General Secretary PPP Karachi Division Javed Naguri and others also addressed the gathering. Our slogan in the demonstration was a huge referendum on all and slogans were chanted condemning the atrocities of the Indian government. Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani said that all parties are on one platform on the Kashmir issue. When the worst dictatorship was imposed on India and Kashmir issue was ignored, India dared to end the status of Kashmir.

The Kashmir case was weakened after the coming of the present elected government. Imran Niazi used to pray that Modi’s government came.

He is Modi’s agent. He said that millions of Kashmiris were martyred, honors were tarnished, innocent children were martyred but he kept saying what should I do to fight, the Prime Minister claimed that he would become a lawyer for Kashmiris, but he became a lawyer of Kulbhushan. He said that Imran Khan’s government I am a laborer, the people are all worried, misfortune has befallen the country, Pakistani sugar and wheat used to go out, now we have to call, this is misfortune, we have to get rid of it, if we want to be the voice of Kashmiris, this misfortune must be banished from the country, if India When farmers protest, the world is raising its voice. Why don’t human rights organizations raise their voice against Kashmiris? Let the world raise its voice for Kashmiris as well.

I am also with Indian farmers. Turkey and China also got angry, it worsened the situation even with Pakistan’s friendly countries. He said that Pakistan’s leadership was always united on the Kashmir issue, this ominous government has not been able to bring Pakistanis together on a platform even on Kashmir PDM’s fight is not of any one party, it is a fight of Kashmiris He said that when the bodies of Kashmiris fall down, why doesn’t the voice of the world come out, the world raises its voice against Indian farmers and not for Kashmiris, it is a failure of this government.

He also said that Kashmir issue in PTI era. The atrocities in Occupied Kashmir have already escalated. The PTI government has to get rid of the voice of Kashmiris in international forums. Human rights contractors are silent on Indian barbarism. If a pilot comes here, he can do it without Indian demand. He said that a rally was to be held on March 26 from Karachi against inflation of the present government.

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