Important meeting by Local Government to clear the city from encroachments

Karachi : Important meeting chaired by Local Government Secretary Syed Najam Ahmad Shah to clear the city from encroachments, restore the beauty of parks and solving parking problems.

Karachi (Staff Reporter) Secretary Local Government, Housing and Town Planning Sindh Syed Najam Ahmad Shah chaired an important meeting on February 4th to resolve parking issues in Karachi, complete the elimination of encroachments and enhance the beauty of parks.

The meeting was attended by Commissioner Karachi Naveed Ahmed, Administrator Karachi Laiq Ahmed, Special Secretary Najeeb Ahmed, Metropolitan Commissioner Karachi Afzal Zaidi and other officers. Sindh Local Government Secretary Syed Najam Ahmad Shah was informed in the briefing that as a result of the operation against encroachments in Karachi, the occupiers of government lands are being successfully eliminated and successful operations are being carried out on a daily basis.

Speaking on the occasion, Secretary Local Government Sindh Najam Ahmad Shah said that in order to permanently rehabilitate and keep the rainwater drains running, it is necessary that encroachments on them should not be allowed to re-establish under any circumstances and prevent encroachments on permanent basis. The department should set up a vigilance system with a comprehensive and integrated strategy.

On the topic of beauty and maintenance of parks and public recreation areas, Najam Ahmad Shah said that a large number of people visit the parks and zoological gardens of the city for recreation, so it should be ensured 100 percent that family and Children’s parks should not be used by obscene and suspicious people, so that children and women can enjoy in a peaceful way.

The Sindh Local Government Secretary stressed that no encroachment should be seen along the boundary walls and grills of all the recreational places and parks and steps should be taken to provide a healthy environment in all the playgrounds.

Expressing views about the issue of charged parking in different parts of the city, Secretary Local Government Najam Ahmad Shah said that apart from regular tendered and advertised places, unauthorised persons should not be allowed to collect money from the public in the name of parking fee. Illegal parking Permissions should not be granted and strict action will be taken against the establishers of any self-made and illegal parking.

Najam Ahmad Shah said that sanitation activities in different areas of the city should be further intensified and action should be taken against those who dump garbage in addition to the allotted places. In an exclusive interview with Correspondent, Secretary Local Government Sindh said that in order to deal with the day to day problems of Karachi city, it is necessary for all local bodies and administrative offices to be united and fully coordinated so that the could be facilitated. Najam Ahmad Shah said that for the betterment of the province and the city, the Sindh Local Government Department is being set up on modern lines and in this whole process the special attention and interest of the Sindh Local Government Minister and Chief Minister Sindh is with him.

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