False Admission in M.Phil. leading to Ph.D. Program, University of Karachi:

Karachi : Mr. Jawaid Akram’s is a candidate of MPhil leading to PhD program of 2012-2013, according to the documents provided by him. He has passed his MPhil course work from Federal Urdu University of Science and Technology and has transferred his course work to our institute.

His provisional admission letter mentioning transfer of course work in ‘Ph.D.’ is against the rules of University of Karachi (UoK) as he was supposed to do research work based on M.Phil./Ph.D. synopsis which was never received. Further, he did not submit any progress report based on his ongoing research which had to be approved and duly signed by me.

In view of the above, six months ago I requested an independent inquiry on the status of his testimonials which are still missing from his file submitted to ASRB. Dean Science assigns the task to inquire about the case and prepare a report with my consultation.

Dean Science was assigned the task of preparing a report with my consultation. However, she submitted the said report without discussing with me. The report contains false information and data regarding Mr. Jawaid Akram’s Admission.

I would like to highlight following points in my open letter:
1- According to the Deans Report I have a personal grudge against Mr. Akram. I would first and foremost clarify that I do not hold any personal grudges against Mr. Akram.
2- He is a candidate of MPhil leading to Ph.D program of 2012-2013, according to the documents provided by him.
3-  In September 2017 he transferred his course work to our institute
4- He never submitted his synopsis through ASRB under my supervision. It is important to note that it was essential for him to get my approval to submit his synopsis to the ASRB which never happened.
5- His M.Phil leading to Ph.D admission expired in June 2020.

NAB Karachi issued call up notice to Rashid Siddiqui AEE ,KW&SB

6- He came to my office at the end of November 2019 and asking about research work. I told him that his admission will expire in a few months and according to HEC rules he will take fresh admission through proper channel again if he wants to continue his M.Phil studies.
7- He was very reluctant to take new admission.
8- A few days after this conversation he came to my office and coerced me to help him in the illegal process of getting Ph.D degree. I refused him straight away. He threatened me and said as quoted “Mai to isi admission say degree lon ga is kay liyey chahey mujey ulta latakna parey”. (Translation: “I will get my degree with the same admission even I have to hang myself”.
9- I have all the documents that prove his admission in Ph.D. has been false and there must be some mistake or misunderstanding at the end of ASRB.
10- As per his record/ testimonials he never got enrolled under supervision of any teacher and even without submitting his duly verified synopsis to ASRB.

At the end I request all higher authorities especially the (Chancellor University of Karachi) Chief Minister of Sindh, Chairman ASRB (Acting Vice Chancellor), all the Deans, Professors, and all teachers of the University of Karachi to please pay attention in this case.

University of Karachi is an institution which has always upheld its sense of dignity and pride on the face of adversity, this time should not be any different. Therefore, I urge all higher authorities to take strict action against such cases that threatens the integrity of our institution. Our university is our pride and it is our responsibility to ensure that it remains as such.

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