EFP salutes global workers on May Day

KARACHI: The Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) felicitates Pakistani workers and also workers around the world on May Day 2021 and compliments them on 200 years of trade union activities.

In a press statement, Ismail Suttar, President EFP, Zaki Ahmed Khan, Vice President and Focal Person, stated that in over its seven decades as Apex Body of Manufacturers, the EFP has always supported the genuine demands and rights of workers since both are integral stakeholders of ILO.

They said that at this critical juncture when industries are engulfed in the pandemic crisis, it is the corporate and social responsibility of each employer to ensure that the workers are not handicapped through unemployment, wage losses and high inflation.

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“The government should bar the onus also and come up with sound economic policies that would mitigate the difficulties of workers and employers. This is the time to provide substantial relief so that workers have job security, employers are not harassed by government officials, banks continue to reschedule loans, State Bank of Pakistan further reduces mark-up rates, and enhanced social protection programs”, EFP office bearers added.

Mr. Ismail and Mr. Zaki also called upon the government to promote job creation on a fast track basis by encouraging entrepreneurs to set up industries by reducing restrictions, bureaucratic red tape, and providing affordable physical infrastructure.

“The government should also speed up development of Special Economic Zones whether these are private sector initiatives or whether these are under CPEC. Most importantly, all national political parties must strive for political stability because a stable political system will ensure confidence as well as lead to sustainability of industries and businesses”, they added.

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