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Since the past few years, our eating habits have changed a lot. Lassi, yougurt and milk are less used these days. On the other hand, use of cola, tea, coffee etc has increased manifold. Besides, the use of chicken has also increased in our diet. Increasing trends in consumption of these items are a tragedy for our environment. Less attention is being paid to their harmful effects on health owing to their excessive use. Every second person holds an opinion that new varieties of diseases are emerging in the current era. On the top of the list is the stomach ailments.

Physicians of ancient times declared stomach ailment as the mother of all diseases. The Muslim physician and phiosopher, Ibn e Sina’s saying is a clear example of this truth. According to him:
“Not many humans died in the war but from the ailments of the stomach”
According to the medical experts:
Most of the human diseases have their source in the stomach which people keep filling with food and unhealthy eatables.

According to modern researchers, if we modify our eating habits, our stomach will keep fit, and we shall be saved from many diseases. Let us analyze which food items makes us sick: Excessive use of cola, soft drinks , tea , coffee/ etc ,oily food, excessive use of red meat ,spices,fast food,imblanced diet,unfiltered water,improperly chewed food ,eating at odd times and more than the requirement of the body and use of tobacco and related things.

For a healthy life ,a change in life style is the need of time .And the best way to good health is to eat balanced diet and do physical exersice . We should keep in mind that this life is a gift from our Lord and we should take care of it as best as we can.

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