Donot Underestimate Two Things

Two things: Hazrat Ali (RA) mentioned two things, one should not look down or underestimate these two things.

1) Every test/trail is from Allah Almighty. Whenever you are sick or your loved one is sick, do not complain – we should look at the positive aspects of the illness – as Allah Almighty never rejects the prayers of the sick – that is why When you are sick, pray as much as you can. And turn to Allah Almighty.
The sins of a sick person are eradicated. So, in sickness, we can have our sins forgiven by Allah Almighty.
When a person is sick, he is bedridden. In this way, he gets a lot of time to think. At that time, he should think about himself and what he has earned so far.
There is wisdom in every deed of Allah Almighty.

2) Hungry and needy relatives:
Allaah has said many times in the Qur’aan that: Out of the wealth bestowed by Allah Almighty, it should also be given to the poor and the needy.
If Relatives are needy, instead of looking down on these relatives, help them.
Feeding the hungry is a very rewarding job. When giving in the way of Allah, first look around you. If none of the relatives are in need, then look among the neighbors. Most of us do not even know the condition of our neighbors.
Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) also took care of the woman neighbor who used to throw rubbish on him every day. So feeding the hungry will not reduce our wealth at all – it will be a blessing.

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