Behavior of brutality of sadism

”Take care of women”, said Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Upon Whom Be Peace) and he was crying when he said it. It seems like we as the Muslims and followers of Prophet Muhammad (Upon Whom Be The Peace) have started giving tinker’s cuss to teachings of the last prophet of Allah which are fraught with civility and propriety.
It is heart wrenching to see woman folk being treated inhumanely in our society and that too at an alarming proportion. According to a report, fifty one percent of the girls become victim of rape and forty one percent of the boys fall prey to this stark nuisance and it is now haemorrhaging in our society.
Hardly we see a rape victim getting the justice, another rape case is reported.All over the world, garbage containers are used for throwing household refuse but in our part of the world they attract the corpses of children after being raped. As of last Tuesday, another rape case was reported. An ill starred six-year-old child went missing from one of the renowned areas of karachi, Korangi Town and later found dead in the garbage. Later on it surfaced with the heavy heart that young child was sadistically abused with bruises on her innocent flesh.
Not only the exemplary punishments should be handed over to the perpetrators of such a heinous crime who are still at large but psychological education should also be imparted to the students of schools,colleges and universities to protect posterity from falling prey to the mindless phenomenon of wretched social behavior of brutality of sadism.

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