Are we a free nation ??

As the month of August arrive, preparations for the Independence day celebrations begin across the country. Markets, houses and streets are decorated with colorful flags . All people specially children go to market to buy independence day stuff like pakistani flags, stickers, crackers badges and many more colorful items . On 14 August, especially green and white clothes are embellished. Freedom is a huge blessing of Allah but here the question arises as to why we should not reap the fruits of independence today even after 74 years of independence. After getting freedom from British people and Gau mata worshipers, did we really get rid of them or this freedom was like two pieces of land for us.

Quaid-e-azam said in 1948 at islamia College Peshawar,
“We did not demand Pakistan to get a piece of land, but we want a place where we can live according to islamic principles.”
The sacrifices made by our elders at the time of the establishment of Pakistan, same situation can be seen in Kashmir today, where when a child is born, his mother thinks of making him a “Mujahid” instead of making him a doctor or engineer and in this freedom struggle, thousands of lives are sacrificed. But alas, did we live our lives according to the islamic principles according to this decree of quaid-e-azam? If the answer is no, what is this freedom for?

Are institutions free in Pakistan today? Is judicary doing thier job independently in Pakistan today? Do our politicians do their own politics today? Are both our economy and our education free today? Of course, I know it and you too , we are not free in Pakistan today, nor is the economy of our institution Pakistan is still following the methods of IMF. Our educational system still runs on the western method, due to which our today’s young ideology is getting fade . Our youth today is forgetting islamic traditions, civilization and culture, it seems to be west .In the free nations, everyone has the right of freedom of opinion, but no one respect each other’s prespective there is zero tolerence but on the independent matter, it is targeted for revenge.

The rights of each other are taken care of in the independent nations, but sadly, in our country today everyone is taking away their rights from every other person, are we free? Quaid said that
” If we want to make this great country happy and prosperous, then we have to pay full attention to the welfare of the poor,
Is not the poor getting poorer than the poor today? Do not the rich people grab rights of the poor today? Today, the poor is going to face death due to poverty , ignorance and suffer from terrible diseases, and the rich is getting richer than the rich. Sadly, seven decades have passed for Pakistan, but the dream that our elders had dreamed for the development of Pakistan could not be accomplished till today.

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