A delegation of Pak Arab Refinery(PARCO)called on Sindh Local Government Secretary Syed Najam Ahmad Shah

Karachi (Staff Reporter): A delegation of PARCO Pak Arab Refinery called on Secretary Local Government, Housing and Town Planning Sindh Engineer Syed Najam Ahmad Shah at his office. Special Secretary Local Government Department was also present on the occasion.

The delegation of PARCO Pak Arab Refinery briefed the Secretary Local Government Sindh about the operations of the refinery in Karachi and the problems at the local government level. Speaking on the occasion, Secretary Local Government Syed Najam Ahmad Shah He said that people from all walks of life play an important role in keeping the wheel of the country’s economy running and the industry of energy and petroleum products in particular has a key role to play.

According to the Sindh Local Government Secretary, all the petroleum and oil refinery mills in Sindh have contributed to the economic development and the Sindh government appreciates the services of all the business community. Engineer Syed Najam Ahmad Shah assured the delegation that Sindh Local Government Department would continue its cooperation to ensure uninterrupted operation of all sensitive installations and operating plants of PARCO Pak-Arab Refinery and any sort of local government issue will be given priority to solve.

The delegation of PARCO Pak Arab Refinery thanked the Secretary Local Government of Sindh for giving him time out of his valuable engagements and also paid tributes to him for his guidance in resolving all the local government issues.

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